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We are the World’s First Access-To-Justice Ecosystem , connecting and empowering law students and legal professionals with Legal Education and Technology to form a legal aid task force and address legal needs through low-cost legal services. 

What is Mouthpiece Law?

A Centralized One-Stop Platform For Legal Matters 


Mouthpiece Law utilizes design thinking methodologies when developing our Legal Education Technology ecosystem to create user-centric tools and materials that cater to the needs of users, focusing on accessibility and usability. 


By providing a collaborative work environment and the tools needed, Mouthpiece Law helps legal professionals and law students to easily reimagine and redesign the legal system and how legal services are provided. 


Mouthpiece Law promotes an inclusive environment, where clients and users are engaged and presented with legal information in a user-friendly manner, resulting in fewer future disputes, shorter negotiation times, lower legal costs, and better-tailored solutions. 


Following Agile and Legal Design thinking methodologies, we improve all Mouthpiece Law affiliated platforms iteratively and continually. Our team constantly develops new and improved tools and resources for our users to deliver better legal services with minimized unnecessary costs.

Did You Know?

Access to Justice

Over 5 billion people (two-thirds of the world's population) are lacking meaningful access to justice. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the United Nations Member States in 2015, makes an urgent call for action and asks both developing and developed nations to provide access to justice for all.



Vulnerable and traditionally marginalized populations face additional barriers to accessing justice, particularly due to factors such as gender and gender identity, race, culture, age, language, literacy, disability, income and geographical location.

Clients for Lawyers

In some regions, the supply of lawyers exceeds the demand for lawyers by a significant amount. As a result, some lawyers have trouble finding work and/or clients after obtaining their degrees. Moreover, many clients are reluctant to spend a large amount of money on legal services, and choose to avoid legal advice or representation.

Adoption of Technology

Technology plays an important role in tackling the problems of unmet legal need through the use of automation to increase affordability, allowing legal professionals to spend time on the tasks where they can add most value, and by enabling individuals and small businesses to take more control of resolving their legal problems and the services they consume in doing so.

Questions & Answers

A Q&A site for legal professionals, law students, and people with legal questions. Using our crowdsource knowledge-base platform, lawyers, legal professionals and law students can gain experiences while providing legal aid to those who might not be able to afford legal services otherwise.

NoCode JD

An E-learning platform with courses that provide the information and training needed to build a successful online presence. NoCode JD aims to help legal professionals and law students design, develop, and innovate without any coding skills or experience.


A centralized e-resume platform for legal professionals and law students. MyLawyerProfile is a hub for users to showcase their resume, past works, billable rates, and be directly connected to our legal services network. Users can be filtered by attributes, such as billable rates, years of experiences, areas of expertise, and so on.


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Using legal design methodologies and innovative technologies, we strive to improve access to justice with platforms and solutions that work hand-in-hand.


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